Hair loss is certainly a common issue with men today, with roughly two-thirds of American men experiencing it to some degree by the mere age of 35, and upwards of 85 percent of men by the time they reach their fifties.

If hair loss is becoming a growing issue in your life, chances are you have begun seeking out the best possible solutions to tackle the problem.

There is certainly no shortage of options for hair loss prevention or hair restoration today — potions, pills, scalp reductions, transplants, and many more. With so many options that claim to be viable, though, determining which is right for your hair’s needs is more difficult than ever before.


For our first blog post here at OutlineInkPA, we wanted to dive into the reasons many men who are experiencing balding have chosen scalp micropigmentation (SMP), that we perform here at our practice in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, over other forms of hair loss solutions.


Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP is a highly specialized process that entails depositing tiny (micro) pigments into a person’s scalp. No, it is not your standard hair tattoo, as the pigments used are biological rather than standard tattoo ink, and each individual pigment is positioned within the dermal layer of the skin, which results in the look of authentic, shaven hair. This type of treatment involves highly specialized equipment and a skilled practitioner who has been trained specifically in this area, such as our technician at OutlineInkPA, Vic Cortes. Scalp micropigmentation is an extremely intricate procedure, but one that offers a guaranteed result.


SMP Doesn’t Restrict Your Lifestyle

Many traditional hair loss solutions can have too many restrictions upon your daily life. When you want to go swimming, you have to worry about chlorine impacting the other chemicals within your hair from using standard hair regrowth products, and you certainly can’t wear a hair system. When you want to exercise, you have to be conscientious about your scalp sweating underneath your expensive hair system. Luckily, once you opt to receive scalp micropigmentation, you can go back to living your life as per usual without worry about your hair ever again.


SMP Is More Affordable

As we mentioned, a hair system is an expensive purchase and even more costly to maintain over time. Most of these hair replacement products can cost thousands initially, and the monthly maintenance costs can easily run into three figures as well. With scalp micropigmentation, you have a one-time treatment cost with your practitioner, but once the procedure is completed, it will only require touch-up treatments every 5 – 8 years depending on your sun exposure.

SMP Requires Less Maintenance

One of the best things about micro scalp pigmentation is the fact that you likely already own the only tools you need for maintaining the health and look of your scalp — sunscreen, moisturizers, shaving kits, etc.

As we noted, once you receive your initial SMP procedure, your shaved look will last for years to come, and if you follow these three rules, you can extend the pristine condition of your pigmentation for even longer:

  • Keep real hair at a certain length
  • Moisturize scalp regularly
  • Protect scalp from the sun


From all of us at OutlineInkPA, we hope that this information has shed some light on the options available to you for tackling hair loss. It you want to join the multitude of men opting for SMP to get their look, confidence, and freedom back, schedule a free consultation with us today!